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When we return to the sun or fun or are just relaxing, we furbish provisions we call comfort. Seasonally we enjoy imbibing beer that slakes our thirst born exploring freedom’s country for over twenty-five years! We’ve taken tastes beyond ocean’s borders, never deserting our piques for flavor and fortuitous notes that bring us back to the familiar comfort of times drafting beer with family and friends at home. We’ve historically noted our favorite flavors, and have never replaced superior quality to the detriment of our need for memorable, traditional beers that we’d love to share with you. We’re always expanding by drawing fresh ideas from our travels near and far, and we brew locally and our doors and taps are open. We bring cheers for the whole family and pets! Must be 21 to imbibe.

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I enjoy reading about self improvement. I enjoy learning boiled down task lists that proceed me with information that I need to know to get to where I want to be. I was happy to read, author and entrepreneur, Seth Godin’s blog entitled, Don’t Shave That Yak!

Godin gives a lesson belonging to the phrase yak shaving. This is when you intend to take action to do something to fulfill a purpose but wind up “shaving a yak” in the zoo ten hours later. You could’ve shaved nine hours off the accomplishment of your plan if you had the right, useful information. Godin advises avoiding yak shaving parties in goals.

I do too. The article delineates a learning process. When you course through life, you draw your own map based on your own information. We don’t all have the same information or map, but I believe that, driven to succed in goals, we can find the help to shave time off achieving our accomplishments. Guiding information is at our fingertips, and we have whole communities that share knowledge in forums and markets nearer than a trek to the local yak zoo.

At work on important tasks, we can have many avenues to forge our way directly. We choose which beneficial avenue to traverse. Our job is in providing a product or service efficiently and satisfactorily to consumers. If our plans are well planned and we have trusted human or other resources, avoiding yak shaving parties comes with the experience of patience, organization, and learning from prior mistakes. The point of learning through experience is to foresee where each trail in the woods leads. Sometimes they lead to yak prairies, but you’ve added to your map and saved the information to use further down the way, which should save you time and energy. Godin advises taking care in how you use what is at your disposal in completing tasks, maybe even before you begin.